B&B Macalube Aragona

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» Bed and Breakfast » Sicile » Agrigente » Aragona
 B&B Macalube Aragona 
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Viale Fontes Episc opi 25
92021 Aragona (Agrigente, Sicile)
Type: B&B
Position: B&B Macalube Aragona
Logement: B&B Macalube Aragona
Quiet area on the outskirts, with private indoor parking under a roof 200 meters from Municipal Stadium along the road that leads to the Natural Reserve of Macalube. Within 500 meters Restaurant, Bakery, Bar, Mechanical, Supermarket, Laundry, Gas Supply, Church etc.etc. 5 minutes to 15 minutes from Agrigento Hospital Agrigentoe the Valley of the Temples in 25 minutes you are on the beach of S. Lion.
Accommodation on two levels, with 3 bedrooms with air conditioning hot / cold bath for guests, and a large salon.
Breakfast included in the price is cheap restaurants of various specialties you may have shuttle service to the railway station Aragon Caldare / Agrigento) Porto Empedocles (for the Islands Lampedusa, Linosa), airports (Trapani Birgi, Catania Fontana Rossa, Palermo Puntaraisi)
The B & B is located in a quiet area a short walk from Agrigento, without the chaos of the City and hassle of parking, is located 3 km on the road that leads to the natural reserve of Macalube managed by Legambiente, near seaside villages such as San Leone and Porto Empedocles (reached by buses during the summer), and Siculiana Realmolte and the sea with an adjacent pine forest and more without going through the town and the beach Maddalusa S. Leo 20 km less than 20 minutes away by car. We are very close to the town of Agrigento where you can visit the archaeological site of the Valley of the Temples and the Museum. the birthplace of Pirandello (Villaseta) and many other monuments. St John of God Hospital in Agrigento is an 8-minute drive away. There are 4 bedrooms, two singles and two doubles on two levels with two bathrooms reserved for guests, parking spaces for the internal or internal sottotettoia.
The B & B is Macalube:
- A few minutes from the St. John of God in Agrigento;
- 5 minutes Bus stops direct to Palermo, Agrigento, Comitini, St. Elizabeth, Raffadali, in the summer for the beaches of San Leone and Porto Empedocles;
- E 'near the train station Aragon-Caldare, reachable by bus;
- We're on the way to the natural reserve of Macalube;
- 5km from the Mining Park of Aragon;
- A 18km from 'racetrack' Valley of the Temples';
- In the vicinity of Tower Jump D'Angio (defensive bastion built in the fourteenth century) Area
Pizzutello equipped for barbecues in the woods.
- Within 500m, 2 Supermarket and restaurant, pizzeria, 2 bakeries, Mechanic, Bike Repair, Laundry, Sports, Fitness, Ice, Playground, Tobacco, Bar, Gas Supply, Parruchieria, the Catholic Church. etc ... flat area used by athletes to perform walking or running to the Macalube.
Visit our website for more information on places to visit in our area.
- 10 minutes from Comitini and the sulfur mines
-10 minutes of Petra Calathasuderi territory of Comitini near Grotte
• Mer• Montagne
Prix et tarifs:
Prix par nuit et par personne de 20 € à 25
Type de vacances:
  • Animaux domestiques et les petits animaux (chiens, chats, etc) sont autorisés.
  • Le logement se trouve à proximité de la mer.
  • Le logement est situé à proximité de l'art, de musées et monuments.
  • Le logement est situé à proximité de la nature, la flore, la faune et du paysage.
  • Le logement se trouve à proximité de montagnes et les collines.
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